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Tips to have hydrated lips, healthy

For all it is uncomfortable to have dry lips, with cracks, not to mention the little aesthetic. That’s why we have ways to prevent this from happening naturally, only with small changes. Before discussing preventive treatments, you should consider the side effects of chapped lips. First, lips that are full of pieces of skin look […]

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Makeup techniques to have more sensual lips

As we have said in other articles, being always beautiful, sensual, flirtatious and provocative is something indispensable for us women. The lips is one of the areas of greatest care, since it is one of the most striking and provocative areas in a woman. Whether you have thin or thick lips the issue is that […]

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All Women We like to keep ourselves beautiful, seductive, sensual and flirtatious. That is part of our femininity and a primal part are our lips, we always want them to look more radiant, sexy, voluminous, attract much more attention. In this article we will expose how to have sensual lips without having to inject or […]

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