Tips to have hydrated lips, healthy

For all it is uncomfortable to have dry lips, with cracks, not to mention the little aesthetic. That’s why we have ways to prevent this from happening naturally, only with small changes.

Before discussing preventive treatments, you should consider the side effects of chapped lips. First, lips that are full of pieces of skin look unattractive. Another consequence is that the cracks in the lips can cause sores and fungus that can cause a lot of pain and discomfort.

How to have hydrated and sexy lips.

To hydrate the lips, the first thing is to moisturize the body, so it is recommended to consume more than two (2) liters of water per day.

Avoid biting or soaking your lips with saliva, contrary to public opinion, this contributes to the dryness of the lips, as well as their cracking. Remember, in saliva there are millions of bacteria that can attack the skin of the lips.

Daily moisturizing balm is a smart way to prevent dryness. It is recommended to use one that also has a sun protection factor. As they say it is better to be safe than sorry, if you need help with that part go to and we will help you there.

Corrective measures for chapped lips.

If our lips are dry and cracked, we can treat them naturally, combining various elements. The first thing is to use the mentioned moisturizing elements like water and balsam. The second we can make a pasty mixture of honey, baking with lemon and olive oil. Mixing a teaspoon of these three elements and placing daily on the lips moisturize your lips and you will have sexy and beautiful.

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