Makeup techniques to have more sensual lips

As we have said in other articles, being always beautiful, sensual, flirtatious and provocative is something indispensable for us women.

The lips is one of the areas of greatest care, since it is one of the most striking and provocative areas in a woman. Whether you have thin or thick lips the issue is that they look stunning with simple and simple elements of makeup

1 Tips: Use the right lip color.

When using a lipstick color, one must take into consideration the size of our lips. For thin lips it is advisable to use light tones such as peach or pink, which enhance and produce a greater voumen effect on the lips and add more sensuality to these. It is not recommended to use dark colors in this case, as they will make your lips look smaller than they really are.

In the case of thick lips dark colors are recommended to enhance the volume of your lips, colors like red, fuchsia, purple are recommended to look very seductive.

Be careful with the colors yellow or orange, if your teeth are not completely white can play against you these options.Add a little shine in the center will add more volume and sensuality

2 Add a little shine in the center will add more volume and sensuality.

After painting your lips you can use a little shine to enhance your lips. You put a little lip gloss in the center of your lips and you will see how they look more meaty and provocative.

That’s why it’s important to always have a little lipstick and shine on hand at all times, you never know when you will find the man of your dreams and have to do a touch up, so I advise you to have a two in one like this one. can help you with any retouch you need.

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