All Women We like to keep ourselves beautiful, seductive, sensual and flirtatious. That is part of our femininity and a primal part are our lips, we always want them to look more radiant, sexy, voluminous, attract much more attention.

In this article we will expose how to have sensual lips without having to inject or operate, only with certain tips, they can have voluminous, seductive, sensual and savory lips.

1 Remove dead skin.

One way to get the sexiest lips, is to clean or exfoliate the skin of the lips to make them look more radiant and clean. One way is to gently pass the wet tooth brush daily in the area of the lips, until all the dead skin is removed.

This process will not only leave your lips clean, it will also improve circulation in the lips, causing the muscles of the lips to increase in size in a natural and healthy way.

2 Exercises

Another way is by doing exercises, there are activities that we can perform that will increase the muscles of the lips, and thus its volume. The first exercise is to place the lips as if we were saying the letter u for 20 seconds and then relax for 10 seconds. Another exercise is to press the lips inward for 15 seconds and then relax the lips for 15 seconds.

3 Balms and makeup.

The use of balms to moisturize your lips is vital, to have more seductive lips. Dry lips are aware that they are not very sexy to say, so it is advisable to buy a balm and keep it close to keep your lips hydrated and flirty.

The makeup like lipstick and shine is fundamental. Having bright lips with a provocative tone always impacts. We can combine lipsticks with shine, you can even color the edges of the lips with eyebrow pencil of the same color as the lipstick and enhance them even more.

Make up your lips, make it provocative, flirtatious and you’ll see that you attract the attention of more and more people. You will become very sexy and sensual showing your femininity, be the woman you want to be, show the best of you, show your beauty that is infinite.

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